Black Friday -  A Collective Shit Show

So Black Friday was today and I was among the insane amount of people who were waiting in line to get some crazy cheap deal on something most likely they didn’t need. As much as I wanted the 40′ flat screen TV for $300 bucks at Target. I settled for a new 20′ LED monitor to accompany my workspace for about $120 ( this was the only way I could justify spending any money on this financial holiday ). With that said, I would like to arise awareness of buying from local shops. I’ve been reading all morning around Facebook and other blog post about the need to do this and honestly I wish I could be among the people who would. Yet, I among a strong majority of the population lack the funds to even pay attention at this point. But when I did pay attention just for a bit, I realized I had no idea where else I would get this kind of stuff from a mom and pop shop. The lack of family owed business astonished me when I really thought about it and when I came across this article referencing America Unchained – I found something wich looked to be a very interesting documentary on this very subject.

This Dave Gorman guy seems to be tackling this idea head on and I’m pretty excited to see how it works out for him. Buy Here.